This page includes all the documentation for the Finance Toolkit. Each functionality includes an example of how to use it and is therefore an excellent way to better understand how to use each functionality. These examples are also directly embedded in the code. For simplicity sake, only the controller modules are included here given that the models themselves should be relatively straightforward. Make sure to also have a look at the example notebooks as found here.

The Toolkit Module is meant to be a collection of useful functions that collect and parse data. These is historical data, fundamental data (balance, income and cash flow statements) as well as several others metrics from Financial Modeling Prep like enterprise values, company profiles and more. From this module, you are able to access the related modules as well.

If you are looking for documentation regarding the ratios, technical indicators, models, risk metrics and performance metrics, please have a look at the Ratios, Technicals, Models, Risk and Performance pages.